Easy-to-use time clock app to track employee hours worked

Collecting employee timesheets in real-time, say goodbye to paper-based timesheets. Process a pay run in minutes, not hours.

A staff clock in a shift.

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It's very easy for us to keep track of rostering as well as making sure staff are at work on time. The hours our staff work automatically show, making it easy for accounts to access. Everything is in one place, all the info we require. This app has changed our way of monitoring everything in a highly positive way.

Skylah Bates

Retail Manager at SAS Sport

We feel like we have finally entered the 21st century!  Getting into the habit of checking in and out using the Timble app has taken no time at all for most staff and we are almost ready to go 100% paperless with our payroll processing. The Timble team has been amazing – working closely with us to make sure the programme can do what we need it to!  Thank you team Timble!

Emily Court

GM at Pukaha National Wildlife Centre

A simple time clock your team will love

Clock in or out in seconds

Turn any devices into an on-site time clock. Staff clock in or out on site with a secure PIN, accurately recording the time they have worked.

A screenshot of how time clock app works.

Accurately record hours worked

Generate timesheets in real-time when staff clock in and out of their shifts. Record the exact time that staff have been on site and creating value. Avoid paying for time not worked.

Timesheets screenshots.

No more time theft!

Be sure staff start their shifts at the right place

  • Geofencing - your staff can only clock in & out at a set location.
  • GPS tracking - managers can see where staff clocked in or out.
GPS time tracking feature screenshot.

Photo time clock to prevent buddy punching

Requires a selfie to verify the shift is started by the right person. The manager will be able to check the photos when approving timesheets.

Photo time clock screenshots.

Compliant timesheets and easy pay runs

Compliant with the break rules

Set predefined paid and unpaid break durations, ensuring compliance with labor laws and promoting productivity.

Editing breaks for timesheets.

Sync timesheets to your payroll system

Timble works with most of New Zealand payroll systems, you can export your payroll in csv format or via APIs depending on which payroll you are using.

A list of payroll system.

Customise time clock
to fit your business operation

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