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Craft the perfect schedule for your village's unique needs

Catering to the specific demands of a retirement village is no small feat. Our tool is designed with you in mind, allowing for the visualization of staff availability, ensuring optimal care, and accommodating special events or resident needs. Ensure every resident receives the attention they deserve without overburdening your staff.

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Say goodbye to manual timesheets errors and hello to precision

Retirement villages operate around the clock, and tracking varied shifts can be a challenge. Our automated timesheet system is tailored for the unique hours and roles within your village. With accurate logging, you can ensure that every caretaker, nurse, and staff member is recognized for their dedication.

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Never compromise on resident care during staff leaves

In the sensitive environment of a retirement village, unexpected staff shortages can impact resident care. Our tool offers a streamlined leave request system, updating rosters in real-time. This ensures that you're always prepared, and residents always receive the care they expect.

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Simplify payroll complexities unique to your village

Retirement village staff roles are diverse, from medical professionals to administrative personnel. Our tool seamlessly integrates with your payroll system, accommodating the varied pay scales and benefits unique to your village. Ensure timely and accurate compensation, keeping your team motivated and satisfied.

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