Manufacturing team management, redefined

Say goodbye to disjointed tools and hello to unified team management. From rosters to payroll, we've got the manufacturing sector covered with precision and care.

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Align team rosters with manufacturing cycles

Dive into a scheduling system that understands the rhythm of manufacturing. Ensure optimal staffing during peak production times and reduce overhead during downtimes.

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Manual time tracking is a relic of the past

No second goes unnoticed in your facility. Embrace a system that captures every minute, ensuring accurate logging and helping you identify areas for efficiency gains.

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Keep production flowing, even during absences

A streamlined leave approval process means fewer disruptions. Stay informed, make quick decisions, and maintain a steady production pace.

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Sync timesheets directly, no hiccups

Integrate timesheets with payroll systems effortlessly. Reduce errors, save time, and ensure your team is compensated accurately and on time.

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What makes Timble specifically tailored for manufacturing?

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How does the payroll integration in Timble work?

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How secure is our data on Timble?

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Is there a learning curve for my team to start using Timble?

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Does Timble offer customer support in case we face any issues?

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