Timble for multi-location business

Transform your multi-location team management with Timble

Timble optimises the management of multi-location teams by simplifying rostering, time tracking, and leave management across the entire organisation.

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Streamline operations at every location

1. Roster
Managers create team rosters.
2. Time Clock
Members clock in/out of their shifts.
3. Timesheet
Managers approve timesheets.
4. Leave
Managers handle leave approvals.
5. Payroll integration
Accountants run payroll in minutes

Simplify operations with one tool

Unified Organisational Structure

Manage your business by location, department, and role with ease.

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Custom Access Levels

Access levels: Admin, Manager, Duty Manager, and Member. Each level grants role-specific permissions for efficient management.

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Overcoming multi-location management challenges

Staff work at multiple locations

Timble makes it simple to move staff between locations as needed, ensuring that you’re always fully staffed without the logistical nightmare.

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Avoid doubling up shifts when creating rosters

When a staff member is assigned to multiple sites, their presence is visible, reducing chances of scheduling conflicts and duplications.

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Tailored permission settings

Control visibility of sensitive information, like pay rates, with customisable access levels, maintaining confidentiality while providing necessary oversight.

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Offer up available shifts to your team

Easily broadcast open shifts to your team, allowing for voluntary uptake and ensuring you're never understaffed.

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Designed for everyone of your team

For managers:

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Allocate and manage shifts with a dedicated manager interface.
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Review and approve your team's timesheets directly.
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Handle leave requests efficiently, ensuring your team's needs are met.

For members:

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Access and view shift schedules anytime, anywhere.
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Easily submit leave requests with just a few taps.
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Notify management of your unavailability with ease.

For accountants:

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Integrate seamlessly with payroll systems for hassle-free processing.
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Monitor and track all changes to timesheets for accurate payroll.
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Keep track of leave request approvers for transparency and accountability.

Why Timble?

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Centralised Management

Timble breaks down the barriers between locations, departments, and roles, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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Customised Control

Customisable access levels and permissions ensure sensitive information is protected while facilitating transparency where it matters most.

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Empowering Your Team

Timble caters to all team members. Tailored features empower managers, staff, and accountants to excel in their roles effectively.

Hear from our happy customers

"It's very easy for us to keep track of rostering as well as making sure staff are at work on time. The hours our staff work automatically show, making it easy for accounts to access. Everything is in one place, all the info we require. This app has changed our way of monitoring everything in a highly positive way."

Skylah Bates

Retail Manager at SAS Sport

"Timble has been a welcome addition to our company. It is easy to use for all levels of competency, great value for money and the support is excellent and very responsive. It's very easy to use and navigate. Highly recommend to any organisation whether small or multiple locations like ours."


Operations at BOP TAB Limited

"Timble has been a game-changer over our two restaurants. Timble saves us many hours a week of payroll admin, and the staff love the simplicity and ease of the time clock app. Absolutely recommended and I can’t imagine life without it."


Restaurant manager at Ahi & Origine in Auckland

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