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Elevate hospital team management with Timble

Your one-stop solution for managing rosters, timesheets, leave requests, and payroll.

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Dive into hassle-free roster management

Assign shifts, manage rotations, and ensure your hospital remains perfectly staffed. Our intuitive design understands the unique scheduling demands of hospitals, streamlining your team's organization.

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Say goodbye to manual timesheet verifications

Our automated system verifies timesheets based on roster assignments, guaranteeing accuracy and freeing up valuable administrative time. Focus more on patient care and less on paperwork.

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Navigate leave requests effortlessly

Ensure that leave requests never disrupt your hospital's operations. Swiftly approve, decline, or reschedule leaves, balancing staff well-being with continuous patient care.

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Seamlessly integrate payroll

No more toggling between systems. Our tool integrates effortlessly with top payroll solutions, ensuring your staff receives accurate and timely compensation.

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How does the leave request system work?

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Can we set different access levels for various staff members, like department heads or senior accountants?

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