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Say goodbye to the laborious task of managing employee timesheets. Embrace digital simplicity to save time, money, and boost efficiency and sustainability.

✔️ Automated & paperless timesheets
✔️ Collect timesheets in real-time
✔️ Simplify the timesheet approval process
✔️ Make pay day easy
✔️ Know your labor costs

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How it works

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Track hours

Effortlessly track hours worked
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Approve timesheets

Make sure all the times are correct
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Pay your team

Send timesheets to your payroll system.
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Run your reports

Get to know your labour cost.

(1). Track hours

Track time effortlessly with automated timesheets!

No matter what your workflow is, our system has you covered:

On-site time clock

Best for businesses requiring staff to clock in/out at work.

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Personal device with geofencing and GPS tracking

Best for managing staff remotely.

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Employees submit timesheets on the go

Best for teams recording their worked hours.

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SAS Sport logo.

“It's very easy for us to keep track of rostering as well as making sure staff are at work on time. The hours our staff work automatically show, making it easy for accounts to access. Everything is in one place, all the info we require. This app has changed our way of monitoring everything in a highly positive way.”

Skylah Bates - Retail Manager at SAS Sport

(2). Approve timesheets

Streamlined timesheet approval process unveiled!

The department or location managers review their teams' timesheets before passing them to the accountant for payroll processing to ensure accuracy. The system records who approved the timesheets, allowing you to track all changes.

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Dedicated location or department manager

You can assign managers to a location or a department and give them permission to manage their own team timesheets.

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Easy timesheet approval

When managers approve timesheets, they can check photo and GPS locations which are linked to the timesheet entry, make sure there is no time theft or buddy punching.

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Compliant with breaks: paid & unpaid

Ensure that paid and unpaid breaks are assigned based on labor compliance.

TAB logo.

"Timble has been a welcome addition to our company. It is easy to use for all levels of competency, great value for money and the support is excellent and very responsive. It's very easy to use and navigate. Highly recommend to any organisation whether small or multiple locations like ours.”

Kathryn - Operations at BOP TAB Limited

(3). Pay your staff right

Make accurate and compliant payroll

Avoid manual data entry with our timesheet software, seamlessly integrate with payroll systems, freeing up time to focus on growing your business.

Export to payroll system

Export approved timesheets directly to your payroll systems.

Payroll systems that Timble has integrated with.

Export to CSV

For self-managed payroll or analysis, export timesheets in CSV format, including all necessary columns.

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Export to Xero(NZ)

Enjoy smooth Xero API integration. Send your team's timesheets to Xero with just a click.

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“Timble is a well-designed product that saves us a lot of time to roster staff and track hours. The Xero integrations works floorless. We highly recommend the application.”

Pablo Sincabeza - The Headless Mexican in Christchurch

(4). Know your numbers

Unlock insights with detailed labor cost reports!

Understanding your labor costs is essential for efficient business management. Our tools provide in-depth insights into labor expenses, enabling informed decisions. Timble accommodates different pay rates, offering precise labor cost reports at your fingertips.

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Get started in minutes

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Create your account

Set up your business account and define your organisation's structure by setting locations, departments, and roles.

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Upload team members

Add your team members and invite them to join your team.

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Start tracking

Once team members are on board, they can begin tracking their hours using the time clock app.

Frequently asked questions

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How does the on-site photo time clock work?

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Can I track my remote team's location with this software?

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What makes the timesheet approval process simplified?

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How does the software integrate with payroll systems?

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What insights can I gain from the labor cost reports?

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