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Staff Rota Template

This is a free staff rota template designed for shift-based teams, use this template to create a weekly rota in minutes for your team.
Free rota template in Excel format.

Here is how to use this template:

  1. Change the team name placeholder to your team's name.
  2. Change the week start date and end date so that you and your team members know the rota for the week.
  3. Add all of your team members to the first column.
  4. Load staff unavailabilities and leave first before assigning any shifts because you need to know who is available for work.
  5. Assign shifts to staff members. Each shift should contain a role and time, e.g., FOH 8 am - 3 pm, so staff will know their responsibilities and time.
  6. Optional: Add event notes for the day to inform staff members and managers about what will happen on that day. This gives people more time to prepare if anything is needed, for example, holding a function or a party at 10 am, which requires preparation beforehand.
  7. Don't forget to assign meal breaks and rest breaks to make your rota compliant.

For more information about breaks for shift workers, please visit the following links:

  • For New Zealand businesses, please visit Employment New Zealand.
  • For Australian businesses, please visit Fair Work.
  • For UK businesses, please visit GOV.UK.
  • For other countries, please search "break compliance" on Google for your country.

While a free rota template is always handy and cost-effective, it has the following cons:

  • Copy and paste errors are common.
  • It is hard to share with team members, as you have to send it to each member via email or group chat.
  • You have to manually add staff unavailability and leave requests, which can be time-consuming.
  • It doesn't tell you the labor cost after completion.
  • Timesheets require a lot of calculating.

Free rota template is always handy and cost-effective, but it has the following cons.

  • Copy and past easily make mistakes
  • Hard to share with your team member, you have to send it to each member via email or group chat
  • Manually add staff unavailability and leave requests, you have to look up your email
  • Doesn't tell you the labour cost after completed
  • Timesheets will need a lot of calculating

Here is a better and simpler solution than the Excel rota template: Timble is staff rota software that allows you to:

  • Assign shifts in a few clicks.
  • Share the rota with your team members.
  • Calculate labor costs in real-time.
  • Manage staff times and attendance.
  • Manage teams with other managers.
  • And more.

Try Timble today and get rid of the free Excel rota template.

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