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Fortnightly Staff Roster Template

This template is specifically designed to help teams plan their rosters in two-week intervals while grouping employees by department.
Fortnightly staff roster template in Excel, the template includes event notes, total hours and department groupping.

Are you ready to start rostering with our template? Follow these steps:

  1. Replace ${Business Name} with your business name in the template.
  2. Update the dates in the template by replacing ${Start Date} and ${End Date} with the start and end dates of the roster period.
  3. Replace ${Departments} with the departments in your business.
  4. Update staff leave and unavailable days in the template.
  5. Assign shifts to staff by entering their start and finish times in the template, while ensuring they have required rest and meal breaks.
  6. Modify the sheet if needed by adding extra columns or information.

By following these steps, you will be able to schedule your staff effectively and efficiently using our roster template.

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