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September 29, 2023

Improvements for Xero integration

We have made significant improvements to the Xero integration.

Integration Settings

Now you can search for members by their names, which is very useful when you have a large team.

Choose Pay Calendars

If you have multiple pay calendars for different types of employees, you can select the appropriate pay calendar during the first step of the exporting process.

Smart Exporting

The exporting process has been enhanced to handle a large number of staff members' timesheets more effectively. Additionally, you now have the ability to resend failed members' timesheets without having to resend everyone's timesheets, saving you time!

Bug Fixes 🐛 & Enhancements 🧚

  • Sorting by names has been added to Xero integration settings.
  • Sorting by names has been added to Xero mapping settings.
  • Input auto-focus has been added to Xero mapping settings.

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