October 10, 2022

User Permissions πŸ”‘ and more

Finally, accountants, managers, duty managers and members within a restaurant business all can have one place for work, regardless of how many venues the business operates. Based on the restaurant people's roles and responsibilities, we have introduced new account types and permissions for different account types.

Account types

  • Admin, the person who created the Timble account with all the powers, including, company settings, payroll settings and time clock settings
  • Manager, who manage venue(s) or department(s) members/rosters/timesheets
  • Duty manager, who does some management work for their department, e.g. preparing rosters or approving timesheets
  • Member, who works within the venue(s) or department(s)

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Permissions granularity fits the workflow

The permission granularity is designed specifically for the restaurant teams, it’s not too detailed or too OTT, so you can have better control of what managers or duty managers can do within the app. The permission groups are divided by different modules, rosters, members, timesheets and reports, so you can be based on the needs to assign permissions.

Learn about all permissions β†’

Detailed timesheet changing history

By fully recording the timesheet changes, you will get to know who made changes, when and what changed. The common use case is that when the timesheet error occurs the accountant can easily find which person they need to talk to.

Hide staff pay rate from junior managers

Duty managers may need to prepare rosters or approve timesheets for their department(s), but the sensitive data shouldn’t be seen, so uncheck the Can manage wage & salary option when you assign permission to them, the pay rates related information will be hidden across the whole system.

Allow managing own timesheets for managers

Depending on the position level of a manager, you can choose to allow them to manage their own timesheets. If not allowed, their timesheets will be managed by higher level account type.

Team members’ roster & timesheets access

Invite the team members to join the team on Timble, so staff can have their own account to log in to the system to check rosters or their own timesheets. You have full control of this.

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Bug fixes & enhancements 🐞

  • Fixed staff name overflow issue in Settings β†’ Members
  • Fixed cannot search staff name with caps when in the timesheet editor
  • Fixed timesheet sum overflow issue
  • Fixed the Xero integration issue
  • Fixed the Smartly exporting issue
  • Fixed 500 error message when the user logged in after a long period
  • Added alternative public holiday option in leave types
  • Removed wage column from timesheets


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