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November 24, 2022

Staff time clock with geofencing and more

Right now staff members can use their own devices(tablets or phones) to clock in and out of their shifts.

Two steps to get it started

  1. Go to Settings → Time Clock App, and switch Enable member time clock on(default is off), so staff can download and log in to use it.
  2. Download the Time Clock App from App Store(iOS) or Play Store(Android).

Geofencing time clock

With the geofencing feature, the staff will only be allowed to clock in and out of their shifts at the required places. To turn this on, go to Settings → Time Clock App and then switch Enable geofencing on.

You will need to set up the address and distance to make it work. Drag and drop the pin when you need to adjust the clock-in point, and then drag the slider to adjust the radius. For example, if you want your staff to clock in at the building, not the car park, just make sure the clock-in area covers the whole place.

Managers can set up on-site time clock

Before only the admin account could set up the time clock app for team members, now the managers or duty managers have the ability to use their own credentials to log in time clock app to set it up for team members. To allow managers to set up the time clock, the managers will need to have can manage timesheets permission. This can be a very useful feature for multiple sites businesses, their managers can set the time clock app up for their sites, so the admin person doesn’t need to go to that site to set it up or share credentials with managers.

The default hourly rate changed to $21.20

This might save a few types for the businesses that hired staff on New Zealand minimum wage.

Bug fix & Enhancement

  • Fixed manager/duty manager export timesheets 500 error
  • Fixed not showing deactivated members’ shifts on the roster
  • Fixed not calculating the shift costing of deactivated members

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