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April 11, 2023

Staff members can submit their own unavailability and more

As of today, staff members can now submit their own unavailability directly through Timble mobile app. This means that managers can easily see who is available when creating weekly rosters, without having to manually look up emails or rely on staff members to notify them in advance.

To enable this feature, just go to Settings → General, and turn on “Allow team members to submit unavailability” option.

With this new feature, staff members no longer need to send emails about their unavailability, saving them time and reducing the risk of miscommunication. Managers can also save time by quickly reviewing the unavailability information in our system, instead of having to track down individual emails.

Notify members with no shifts

Staff members who have not been assigned shifts for the week may inquire about the roster's publication status. Now, they also receive email notifications once the roster has been published. Just need to select “Publish all shifts” when rostering is completed.

Bug fixes 🐛 & Enhancements 🧚

  • Fixed member name clickable area issue on roster page
  • Fixed drafted shifts background issue on mobile app
  • Fixed log out button hiding issue on mobile app

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