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January 11, 2024

Rostering templates

Rostering templates enable you to create on-demand shifts in advance and allocate them as needed throughout the week. This is particularly useful if your team:

  • has a varying roster from week to week
  • requires different rosters during on/off seasons
  • needs to fill open shifts on a weekly basis.

Using templates can streamline your team rostering process while meeting your business requirements effectively.

Save roster as a template

If you've already created a weekly roster, simply save it as a template and load it onto the fitting week.

Creating a template from scratch

You can begin with an empty template and add the shifts that matter most to your business. There are two options available for each shift: openshift or a specific member.

Loading a template

Load the template for the week you would like to use.

Manager's permission

Managers can be granted permission to manage templates, enabling them to utilise templates for their respective departments.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Improved open shifts UI
  • Improved roster page UI

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