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October 28, 2022

New wages & salary and more

Salaried staff support has been asked for so many times by a lot of kiwi businesses, which hire both salaried and waged staff. The mixture of the different pay makes it difficult to do labour forecasting. Let’s check this out how it works and other new stuff.

Waged staff


The system only provided hourly pay rates, the historical data would be messed up when staff pay rates changed since the system couldn't figure out which period used which pay.


Right now each pay rate has an effective date, which perfectly handles staff pay rate changes. The rostered shift costs within that period will use the corresponding pay rates which makes the historical data more accountable.

Salaried staff


Not supported 😬.


Now the system supports two ways to allocate weekly salaries for salaried staff

  • Shift-based, depending on the number of rostered shifts within a week, regardless of shift length, e.g. Amy, weekly salary is $1,000/week and rostered 5 shifts, so each shift costs $200.
  • Hour-based, depending on the number of rostered hours within a week, e.g. Amy, weekly salary is $1,000/week and rostered 45 hours, so the hourly cost will be $1000 / 45 hrs = $22.22, so based on each shift length, you can easily figure out the hourly costs for salaried staff.

MYOB IMS Payroll export salaried staff timesheets

If your business uses MYOB IMS Payroll, the salaried staff worked hours can be exported too.

Print only rostered members 🖨️

If you manage a large team, maybe some of the members don’t have any shifts within a week, with this option you can only print rostered members to save ink and paper. ♻️

Enhancements & bug fixes 🐞

  • Fixed manager log-in system occasionally crashed
  • Fixed manager cannot see members in Settings → Members when the business has no department
  • Fixed the login button in the loading state issue on the login page
  • Fixed 500 internal errors when selecting roles in reports
  • Fixed displaying timesheet history icon issue on Safari
  • Fixed MYOB IMS Payroll updating ordinary time payment code issue
  • Fixed shift chronic sorting issues when printing roster

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