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February 12, 2023

Manage rosters on the go and more

At long last, managers can now easily make shift changes without the need for a computer. This new version of the mobile app allows them to quickly update and publish rosters from anywhere, or whenever the need for changes in shifts arises.

Staff leave displayed on the roster

Managers can now quickly and easily check who is on leave for any given day without having to check a printed roster or log into the web app on a computer. The app provides this information conveniently at their fingertips.

Roster updates push notification

Once managers publish their shifts, staff members receive an immediate push notification with their shift details. This eliminates the need to constantly check emails for updates.

Staff timesheets access

Staff members can now check their timesheets on the app without logging into the web app. This feature is optional and is off by default. To allow staff members to check their timesheets, simply go to Settings → Time Clock App and switch the Enable member timesheets setting to ON.

Enhancements & bug fixes

  • Save roster filters on devices
  • Adjust geofencing radius distances to max 1000m
  • Fixed Smartly update employee mappings issue
  • Fixed input placeholder display issues in dark mode

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