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November 8, 2023

Introducing open shifts

The open shifts feature is finally here! You now have the flexibility to create shifts and assign qualified team members later or offer them to other available team members who are keen to work during that time. How awesome is that? 😃

Claiming open shifts option

You've got the option to let your staff claim open shifts! To enable this feature for your team members, just head over to Settings → General and tick the "Allow team members to claim open shifts" box.

Claiming open shifts on mobile app

After enabled allowing team members to claim open shifts, staff will be able to see the "Open shifts" menu on the Accounts screen. They can then claim the shifts they prefer. The rule is simple: first come, first served.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Fixed a UI bug in the time clock setting
  • Improved workspace settings UI for a better user experience

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