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October 1, 2023

Improvements for leave management

Here are some improvements that we made for leave management. 🙂

New department filter

You can now filter leave requests by departments, which can be useful if you are managing multiple departments.

Leave requests sorting

We have updated the sorting for leave requests based on their status:

  • All status: leave request date descending
  • Pending: leave submitted date descending
  • Approved: leave request date descending
  • Declined: leave request date descending

Extended leave request date range to 90 days

Previously, the maximum date range for a leave request in the Timble web app was 30 days. Now, you can add a leave request for up to 90 days (Timble mobile app still has a maximum of 30 days).

Bug Fixes 🐛 & Enhancements 🧚

  • Fixed the the overlapping issue on leave calendar

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