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February 1, 2024

How to use the weekly staff roster template: a step-by-step guide


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Managing staff shifts and schedules can be a daunting task. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of using a roster template to streamline your employee scheduling. By following this guide, you can optimize your time and ensure that your team’s schedule is well-coordinated with minimal effort.

Step 1: Downloading the roster template.

Step 2: Understanding the roster template layout

  • Take a moment to review the template. You'll see columns for each day of the week and rows for each employee.
  • Update your team name, roster date range and your team or business logo(optional).

Step 3: Adding employees

  • In the designated area for employee names, start entering the names of your team members.
  • Recommend placing full-time employees at the top and part-time employees at the bottom.

Step 4: Leave and unavailabilities

  • Prior to rostering, make sure to mark employees who are on leave or unavailable for work.
  • Use color-coding or symbols to indicate leave or unavailability, promoting clear communication and preventing scheduling conflicts.

Step 5: Assigning shifts

  • Go to the date and time section within the template and assign shifts to your employees.
  • Enter their designated start and end times, and if applicable, the duration of breaks.

Step 6: Event notes

  • Include important event notes for the day to ensure staff are well-informed.
  • Assist staff in performing their duties more effectively.

Step 7: Saving and sharing the roster

  • Once the roster is complete, save the file with a recognizable name and date.
  • Share the file with stakeholders by emailing it directly or uploading it to your shared company drive.

Regularly updating and maintaining the roster will ensure that information is current and help you adhere to any legal requirements relating to employee shift management.

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